What we do?

AGNEO is a subscription-based ecommerce platform that showcases luxury handcrafted jewelry responsibly sourced from artisans globally. Consumers can access this unique collection in a transparent way – we work directly with the providers. Each piece on AGNEO has a story that comes from its roots that’s supports the families of Artisans. We help create digital experiences that can help individuals personalize and style their jewelry. In addition, we provide the supply chain to help artisans/designers/manufacturers produce the jewelry. 


  1. Source Responsibly, “from their hands to ours”: We will ensure that we only work with organizations that support a healthy working culture for artisans, empower women in the workforce and give financial and non-financial credit to the workers.
  2. Source Sustainably, “our planet is your planet”: We will use only sustainable practices in our operations where best possible to help limit waste and environmental impact.
  3. Build Trust & Credibility, “pay for what it’s worth”: Our customers have our promise on knowing that they are only paying for the best prices. These are derived from the raw value of silver jewelry, the cost of designing and handcrafting and shipping.
  4. Transparency, “know what you wear”: We want to fulfil transparency on all fronts. This means we will do our best to be transparent about our suppliers, our designs and our process. Knowing what we wear.