• Pruthvi Zaveri,

    Pruthvi Zaveri was born into a family and legacy of six generation of jewelers in India. 'Zaveri' means jewelers and is derived from the Arabic Javahari.

    Shri Narandas Soni (Zaveri), a renowned goldsmith, laid the foundation more than 115 years ago, in 1897, on the cornerstones of purity, quality, beauty and expertise in a unique craft. 

    Growing up around jewelry and talking business at the dinner table was part of her childhood. Pruthvi studied Economics from Lancaster University, Marketing & Finance from UC Berkeley, in addition to Project Management at UC Santa Cruz.

    While she lay her foundation for business she also partook on a journey of self-empowerment and family science and studied complexities of conflict and interpersonal relationships management.

    In her latitude of life experiences, Pruthvi was brough back into the jewelry world with the deepest sense of empathy for individual empowerment. And with that emotion, she started AGNEO.

  • Karan Shah

    Karan Shah is a young technology enthusiast and a business-driven individual. Rooted at the mind of entrepreneurial growth with appreciation of technology he is a Principal Software Engineer & Technical Lead at Microsoft. Having worked in a technical role at Amazon, start-up environments like Fareshare & Messegeo, and as a Business Analyst at Illinois Business Consulting he appreciates the value brought by technology and products to the end user and the empowerment individuals can make to help us get there.

    Growing up in New Zealand and India and arriving in th US at the age of 17 at attend UIUC Karan brings a depth of exposure, empathy and value to experience.
    An alumni of Carnegie Mellon & UIUC, Karan has a strong foundation and network for success.